Thursday, October 30, 2008

Batman And Pumpkin Gurl

Everyone seems to be doing these cute brother-sister costumes. I am NOT so on the ball. In fact, I am really FAR FAR FAR away from the ball. What? My name? My name is ahhh... ahhh... it starts with a C... Chr... CHRISTINA!!!

Anywho, I am losing my fucking my mind right now. I have started my post partum crying 12 weeks after giving birth which just seems fucked up in my mind. And really I want to just tell myself to get the hell over it and move on but well crying feels awesome right now so I guess I will just cry. WHATEVER.

Moving on because I do not want to dwell on the fucked upedness (what? those are words - in my mind, they are words) that has been my life the past couple of weeks. Let's talk about Halloween - here's a sneaky preview.

I present BATMAN and Pumpkin Gurl!

Bonus shots - Marisa wearing an outfit that I crammed her into because she is wearing NINE month clothing already... Also, I took a similar photo of Matthew when he was at this age. He was wearing overalls and sitting in the same chair the same way. Will find photo for comparison purposes over the weekend (cannot promise anything so do not hold breath - will die.)

Kevin and Matthew - post Pumpkin carving tonight - the funky looking pumpkin is the one Matthew "designed" - more carving photos to come (also cannot promise this but seriously I was kidding about holding your breath - breath NOW!)
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