Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow-ZA. I am tired. My wee baby who has slept like a champ since day one has taken a turn for the NOT sleeping well set. I can only guess that this has to do with CHA-CHA-CHANGES.

We started trying with the bottle in earnest because dudes I am going back to work in 2.5 weeks (O.M.G. - now that it is getting closer I am freaked the fuck right out...) and we are SO ill prepared it is pathetic.

Marisa won't take a bottle of course. She hates it with a fiery passion. She plays with the nipple, lets the hard earned pumped from my body milk slide out of her mouth, "drinks" maybe a quarter of an ounce and falls into a restless angry sleep. I told Kevin and Ashley they need to wake her up and get her to take the bottle because she needs to learn that she cannot just fall asleep in avoidance of the bottle. Matthew did this as well and I remember Tammy had to wake him up to get him to eat. Also, the things I wish I had written down like how to get a baby to take a bottle, how to WARM up a bottle of breast milk and how warm is the RIGHT warm because crap I do not remember. Both of our care providers were very knowledgeable about baby bottles and warming up breast milk. Ashley does need to learn but she is very level headed and her words, not mine - she said "I do not give up very easily."

The weird thing for me about bottles is that we will follow the same route we did with Matthew. This was I will feed her first thing in the morning before work, pump, go to work, pump, come home at lunch (bringing pumped milk for the afternoon feedings), nurse, go back to work, come home after work around 5:30p, and nurse the rest of the evening so Marisa will only really need a couple of bottles per day. I guess (red face) that is why I never really hated or worried about pumping because I was never away from Matthew all day. We picked him up from Tammy's house in the beginning at noon every day, took him home, fed him and took him back. Then when Katie was our nanny I just came home and nursed at lunch every day. It worked for us and it was a lot of work, just as much if you ask me as pumping 3-4 times a day but it is what it is. So I am not sleeping much and it sucks.

I have two kinds of bottle. Dr. Brown's and Born Free. Matthew loved the Dr. Brown's ones and we tried three different brands for him before settling on the Dr. Brown's. However, I think Marisa does not mind the fast flow so it looks like the Born Free bottles might work better for her. We shall see. I found a place that sells a third BPA free brand, Green to Grow, here in Bloomington as a just in case back up bottle. Any who, so that is my story of woe. So if I seem a little out of it I am. Sleep, oh how I wished I enjoyed your sweet relief while I could during the first 11 weeks of Marisa's life.
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