Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Leaves

I love Fall. I love the seasons. I do not know how I survived in California all those years with virtually no seasons and I feel honored to partake in the seasons as they happen here in Indiana. This has been a spectacular Fall. Warmish-cool, sunny with just the right amount of fluffy white clouds, the leaves are on fire and we enjoyed a trip to Brown County State Park last weekend. We are planning to go again this weekend since it is our favorite place to enjoy the colors, to get away from town and run amok amongst the leaves and relative quiet of nature first thing on Sunday morning!

Tree Hugger (third year running that we have done the tree hugger shot - please ignore my bad outfit, hair and general nastiness...)

Tree climbing

Getting A Lift


Sharing Fall Leaves with Marisa

My Family from My Perspective

My BIG Boy

Doesn't Marisa look thrilled to be stuck in her Bumbo seat? Weee...

My little big Peanut and my little Birdie
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