Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Time

The reasons I love fall*:

Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks

Pumpkins on every porch in town

My very own little Batman and pumpkin baby

The beautiful colors that trees turn - it is like a surprise every year to see the vibrant reds, purples, browns, yellows and oranges

Candy corn

A crisp cold clear fall sky with those white wisps of cotton candy clouds

The first snow flakes (FOR REAL!)

The way the air smells of rain, fall leaves, bon fires, summer's new giving way to fall's old

Hot chocolate with whipped cream & chocolate shavings (makes me wish we had a Seattle's Best in town - OH DO THEY MAKE THE BEST HOT COCOA EVA!)

A mighty wind that makes Matthew crazy with excitement and blows the sun hat right off Marisa's head

Hikes at the local state parks

Hot soup or chili and a big hunk of warmed whole wheat bread slathered with butter

Warm winter clothing, coats and hats

Crockpot meals

Thanksgiving - turkey, stuffing, mashed & sweet potatoes and pies galore!

The beginning of my thirty-five year on this earth

* I never really realized how many food related items I like in relationship to Fall!
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