Friday, October 10, 2008

A fresh start

All right, I am a total wimp. I like to blog. I need to do it. It makes me feel connected to people, my friends who live near by and those I have yet to meet but enjoy hearing from SO I am back with a new handle. I figured that since it is no longer just Matthew's Technicolored world it was time to start a new blog with a new name!

Also, I am giving up the code names cause it was too much work and crap if someone wants to find me they need only go to stinkin' facebook and like me reconnect with people from freakin' elemertary school, that I have not seen in TWENTY TWO years! ACK.

Marisa, my wee baby, is now officially nine weeks old. Also, being the slacker momma that I am - her two month visit was on Wednesday this past week. AND holy crap she is a big girl. Okay, so here are the stats:

She was 14 lbs 7 ounces
She was 24 7/8 (ish) inches
She has a big noggin too but I cannot remember the exact number and Marisa is asleep right now which is where that paper is currently located.

She was in the 97%+ for height and weight and 95% for her noggin.
Yo, my kid is a chub, or as Dr. Franklin said "she is DEFINITELY healthy" practically winking at me as if to say she is fat. Well, of course she is fat - she is a baby. Speaking of fat, baby thighs are freaking cute and chubby and omg I want to eat those chubby little thighs up. Which reminds me I need to take a picture of those so I do not forget how flipping cute her thighs are! Also, I have nine hundred chubby baby hand photos but I keep forgetting to get a shot of her toes and her belly button. I did this with Matthew and I LOVE those photos so much.

Especially after days like today when he was a little shit. He was flipping out about everything. He was bouncing off the stupid walls. I swear he had no sugar today at all expect natural stuff like apples. I am letting him take an extra long nap because he woke up screaming AGAIN last night after having a nightmare. I feel horrible that he has these but seriously the three and half year old keeps me up more these days then the two month old.

Marisa is still off and on having gas issues and flipped out today as well. Sobbing and writhing in pain until I gave her some Gas X and rubbed rubbed rubbed her little back. She finally pooped and there was much rejoicing.

Finally, the markets man. I mean people am I the only fool in the world who cannot take my eyes off the Dow ticker? I mean seriously - it almost dipped to 7,000 45 minutes ago. I keep wanting to buy these new Steve Madden shoes but then I remember that fuckity fuck $50 on shoes is not exactly a brillant thing to do with my money right now. Even though I really REALLY want those shoes. Also, our securties update came in the mail today and one of them is LESS then half what it was last year at this time AND this statement does not include you know this past week. UGH.

Well, I will not leave you with a gloom and doom post, I will say that this Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. We are celebrating with friends and having a big meal (the last meal before the Depression... OH I AM KIDDING, please!) Happy Canadian Thanksgiving too all!
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