Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giving a Rat's Ass

I love that Biggest Loser show. Mostly because it is amazing how quickly the results occur on this show but then I think fuckity fuck if all Americans gave up crap food myself included we would all be lean and healthy. Today I stepped on the scale and lo it said 138.8. I feel like I could eat a horse but this nursing stuff, it works. It makes me want to eat better and hopefully once I am back at work I can get into a routine that includes a workout from time to time.

Marisa is so big. I am amazed. She has her two month appointment tomorrow. I am still not entirely convinced about shots and willing likely only torture her with the flu shot there. I am thinking, like I did with Matthew, that I want to delay her shots. The shots scare me more then the diseases they are supposed to stop which is just weird. The thing is I was talking to my friend Christine and she is doing a delayed immunization schedule. Her husband is from Croatia (I think) and they give 6-11 shots before age two in European counties. In the US our kids will receive as many as 24 shots by age two... Seems over kill and if well developed European countries do not require so many shots why do we?? Also, Christine told me the incidence of Autism is European countries in very low in comparison to the US. Kooky.

Ashley, the nanny, is great. She is so calm and laid back in a good way. She will make a great mommy when she decides to have babies. She is the way I wish I could be with my kid. Sad, but true. I think I can learn from her... AND she loves DMB too. DMB people unite ;)
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