Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I'm shy."

Ho ho ho we have having a blast over here in Indiana-land. The 3.5 yr old has been down right yummy lately. The 2.5 month old... mmm, not so much. I think we are back to tummy troubles with relationship to my craptastic diet. My issue, not hers but the crying non napping baby has made for some long afternoons recently.

I am serious about finding Santana a new home. I am SO over the peeing ON my kid's shit that has been happening lately. Little shithead is totally jealous of the baby. Suck it up dog, suck it up.

We went to the park yesterday and Matthew has taken to waving at or introducing himself to random people. This is the same kid who regularly says "I'm shy." BS, kiddo! Yesterday was Columbus Day which means there were 10 dads and 2 moms at the park. Matthew kept going up to the dads and saying "I'm Matthew" which was followed by an uncomfortable silence from the Dad and me wincing, er I mean smiling politely & mumbling something about kids this age before running off to hide.

Dudes, I need to get with the program. My look is ah lacking. I need to get a hair cut and maybe buy some clothes that fit. Maybe a little make-up that is not three point five years old. Gaw, who has the energy for it? Oh and diet & exercise would be handy too.

I have a boat load of photos to post here. Tomorrow. Oh I finally found a cute baby photo album at Target over the weekend so I bought two. Question: I included photos of Matthew that were just Matthew doing Matthew stuff. Is that weird? Should I put them in a seperate album?
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