Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

We visited the pumpkin patch this past Saturday. We had a rough morning unfortunately so it was not as much fun as it could have been. We tried to cram too much in between 8a and nap time that day (flu shots/mist, Starbucks for hot chocolates, and getting dog food at the pet store - Marisa needed to be fed and changed by the time the pumpkin place opened and Matthew was overwrought with excitement to be there and see his friends plus he was pissed off that I did not come on the hay ride we later learned... suckage on my part for not planning better.)

To top all of that off (or to start with perhaps?), we learned that Kevin's mother is not doing well - her cancer levels are very high and they are giving her an 8 week break from the drugs because the numbers which are supposed to be at 0 just keep climbing and are presently at like 250. On the drugs, this 250 number should be decreasing and just a few weeks ago were much lower, like 91 or 100. I was tired and Kevin was all over the place mentally/emotionally which rubbed off on our kiddos and our general mood. We were off. We did have some nice moments however so here they are without further ado:

Kevin and Marisa in the Barn before the patch

Best shot of Matthew in the patch - I deleted the color version of it before uploading it - BUMMER!

Heh - the "best" family shot of us... oy

Kevin and our chosen pumpkins

Matthew waiting for the hay ride back to the barn
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