Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sibling Love

Do you know what I love? I love how my kids interact already! It is amazing! Marisa just smiles and intently watches Matthew's every move. I tell her not to do what he does when he is being bad but mostly he is good so she can watch him then :) She smiles when he walks by and you can tell she knows that is her brother by the look on her face of comfort and happiness. She is seeing him move, talk, emote, laugh, shout 'boo'... and I think it is wonderful!

Matthew loves on his baby sister like I never thought he would. He dotes on her. He gets her toys, her blanket, and anything she needs if she is crying to help her stop. He is so calm when she is crying and he wants to help her not just to stop her but because he is geniunely concerned for her. He hugs and kisses her as often as he can. He adores being near her and when he is away from her the first question he asks when he walks in the door is 'where is Marisa?' Tonight he was thrilled to help Daddy give Marisa a bottle.

I know these lovely sibling feelings will not last forever. Let's be honest - when I bathed Marisa first tonight Matthew threw a fit so I mean yeah they love each other so long as Marisa does not intrude on Matthew's schedule but seriously aside from things like the bath scene they adore each other and it is the sweetest thing. This is what makes me glad we decided to have a second baby, to give Matthew a sibling and to enjoy their interactions this way. It is so special and wonderful and thrilling. This is why I am glad I became a parent!

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