Monday, November 3, 2008

Almost Every Vote Counts...

Sigh. SUCH a follower - every blogger is writing about the election and how we should all rock our vote - get out and vote vote vote but no one seems to want to cope to the candidate they are supporting. GO FOR IT. I mean be proud of who you are supporting even if you are all 'eh' about the candidate. I digress on this topic.

Kevin and I keep playing up election day like it is a holiday tomorrow. I am not sure why - it could be the exhaustion or just for the conversation of it all. First of all, Kevin is not even American and cannot vote because while he has the right to work and pay taxes to this country he needs to take some lame test to be called a citizen and cast a vote. Even though he likely knows 100% more about American history then most Americans do. Whatever. Digressing again.

Also, why isn't election day a holiday anyway? I mean they (being those nebulous powers that be) want all of us common folk to vote but what about those people who do not have the luxury to leave work for several hours vote? Why not make it a national holiday so we can all vote leisurely on that day? I do not get it.

SO the point of all the verbal diarrhea above is that I was telling Matthew about the electoral process and how a president is the grand puba and how he/she gets to be in office for up to two terms of four years, if they are lucky. Matthew was fascinated, SERIOUSLY. He asked me if I could vote and I said yes. He asked if Daddy would vote and I said no because he is just a crazy canuck. But if he became a citizen he could vote.

Then I explained to him that Barack Obama was running for president and some dude named McCain was his foe (I could not remember his first name - total brain fart. Or not... and really did I just write the word foe?) Matthew tested out Barack Obama's name. He thought it was funny and giggled over it. Then he asked if Barack Obama wanted to be president - I said I hope so. I said that if Obama becomes president tomorrow that Matthew would be seven years old by the time Obama finished his first term. His eyes got really wide and he said "WoW that is a long time!" I said yes and if he serves two terms you will be 11 years old for the election after that. He was amazed by all of this. I told him to tell Daddy that "we are voting for Barack Obama tomorrow."

Later after Kevin came out of Matthew's room I asked Kevin if Matthew told him anything. Kevin smiled at me and said that Matthew told him that "tomorrow is Barack Obama Day." Let's hope so little boy, let's hope so!
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