Monday, November 24, 2008

Bong Bong Bong

First, it is beginning to look a bit like winter when your baby is just a face amongst the blankets and winter hat and what not. Here is Marisa heading out for groceries Sunday morning:

We also dragged the Deluxe* Jumperoo out of the garage on Sunday morning. Well, if you must know the "we" was me but any who I shook the cobwebs off of it and placed the wee tot in there. She is in LOVE with that thing and has been bouncing ever since then with a look of glee on her teeny tiny face (I have also been reading too many kiddie stories.)

*The word deluxe on that Jumperoo makes me laugh. There is no model of Jumperoo that is not deluxe. That is the ONLY model they make. Apparently I can be swayed simply by a marketing word like DELUXE!
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