Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boo Day Festivities!

Matthew making pizza - this is the only part of the pre Halloween festivities he would take part in. He was a grouch when we got to Kelly's house but seemed to quickly get in the spirit. Turns out he was most excited to show his friend's his Batman costume!

Getting ready to "hit the 'hood trick or treatin'"

My camera was freaking out so I barely got any shots, I finally gave up on the camera and enjoyed the moment after some of these shots... That thing in Matthew's hand is a Batarang - scary that I know that, I know!

One of only two shots I took of Marisa - what?! Yeah, and they are really close like this so you cannot even see how cute she looks in her little pumpkin outfit. I may have to dress her in the outfit again tomorrow and take some shots for the record book SO TO SPEAK!

Post trick or treating at our house - passing out candy and enjoy the beautiful Fall evening!

Matthew actually went trick or treating in our neighborhood around the entire block with Kevin! Last year we could not even talk our child into looking at the next door neighbor who walked over to our yard to give him candy. My what a difference a year makes! He helped hand out candy and chatted up all the kids. All in all it was a wonderful evening!
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