Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grumble grumble grumble

Matthew has taken to peeing in his pants again whether we offer him the bathroom or not. I have no idea where this coming from. I hope it stops...

The past two days were long and I was tired. We decided AGAIN that Matthew does not need a nap. We have tried it a couple of times before this but like crack whores we went back to the nap because WE needed nap time, not really because Matthew needed it. Matthew slept from 8:00pm last night until 8:00am this morning. I would have cried tears of joy only I was up at 4am to feed the baby and then was up for the day by 6:30am. She's a morning bird, my little sweet pea is... and how unfair is this? I get up at 5:30am every week day morning and Kevin sleep till 6:30am. I am also the FIRST one up all weekend long EVEN when I ask my dear sweet husband to get up with the baby. It is beginning to drive me a little batty. I need to just wake him up, hand him the baby and walk away! Still Matthew. 8-8, people!? Do you know how freakin' good that feels to type?*

Every time I go to Target any time after 10:00am on the weekends I remind myself there is a reason I generally come when the parking lot is mostly empty and all the workers still look a little sleepy. It was packed in Target today. Even worse, being STUCK in the toy section with the masses.

Also, why do the holidays bring out the worst in people? Clearly many of the people in this section of the store were shopping for the holidays but not one of those people were smiling, well except me and Marisa mostly because I was that annoying mother. You know the kind, right? I was making all kind of silly noises & faces just to illicit a laugh out of my daughter. The only person who seemed to think it was sweet was a grandmotherly looking woman who said grimly said "huh, smiley baby, eh?" Awesome.

Finally as a friendly reminder, the isles at our particular Target only go two deep BARELY. If you happen to be shopping anywhere where it is at our Target or any Target for that matter, please remember to look around when in the isle comtemplating which Barbie/Little People set/Coloring book to buy. Also, if someone says 'EXCUSE ME' ah I think they mean please move because I need to get by, the three year old is about to run out in the mall and I cannot leave the baby/purse behind to get him. MOVE MOVE MOVE STAT! 'Tis the season...

I hate laundry. All of it. I also hate house work. All of it. If Kevin gives me a hard time one more time about no more cleaning service I may snap even if I know it is true. Again like crack, it is very hard to let it go. I keep giving myself an end date. First it was when I went back to work (which makes no sense at all...) Now it is until the holidays (which also makes no sense!) Likely this will be the last week because just spending the money on it makes no sense whatsoever but still. I hate house work. And laundry.

Do you ever wish there was more time for everything? I do. I guess that is why I am complaining about the cleaning people leaving my life. They bought me some time. Part of me is well aware of the fact that I could just not do anything any more in terms of house work, just let it go. BUT have you met me? I mean I am total control freak and an even worse neat freak and OMG it is SO SO annoying (to be that way) but at least I gave up some of that by letting someone else clean my house and not nitpick over the fact that they did not do it as well as I would. I just let them do it and enjoyed the peace of not scrubbing the soap scum off my shower. UGH. Time. I would give my eye teeth for more time right now however I have to go clean a toilet and fold some laundry!

*He was asleep by 8:oopm tonight as well!
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