Saturday, November 1, 2008

Head Held High!

Three months at 1:13am baby girl! I cannot believe it has been three MONTHS. When and where did the time go?! I am filled with pleasure & pride every time you smile at me. You are such a laid back easy baby! You are an adored little sister and we think you totally adore your big brother even when he is screaming and yelling (which good for you, you actually find amusing for some reason?!)

You have lost most of that beautiful hair so it will be interesting to see what color the new hair will be in the coming months. You have cheeks that go for miles and miles and two or maybe three chins you sweet little chunker! I am always kissing your chubby little wrists because that is my most favorite part of wee little babies and stroking your soft baby skin. You laugh loudly every time I change your outfits - your midsection and neck are so ticklish! I love that laugh, that deep little chuckle that cracks me up - your eyes sparkle with happiness when I tickle you - that I love more then anything - to stand and tickle and giggle. A process I could repeat for hours if given the chance!

You are amazing to me just like your brother was - how quickly you are learning, changing and growing. Three months... I am in awe that I was still in the process of giving birth to you three short months ago as I write this and (oh please forgive the cheese here) but you complete me, you complete our little family and I am so glad that your soul, your beautiful deep blue eyes and twinkly smile founds its way to me, to us. I feel so lucky, blessed and in love!

Happy Three Month Birthday Baby Girl!

LIFTING HER HEAD TODAY!!! (she has been able to do this for about a week or two (?) but she would quickly drop her head to the ground - now she's all what's up and does baby push ups complete with little coos and grunts! She thinks it is pretty fun to do this mostly because I am laying there TOTALLY geeking out on her for lifting her head. Lord help this little girl - your momma is SUCH A DORK!)

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