Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Time Flies

Thank you for all of the support today ladies! I appreciate it. Today was not bad. I was busy from the moment I walked in the door or I should say that I kept myself busy. I pumped in the morning for 20 minutes then back to work I went. Suddenly it was time to head home for lunch where I snuggled with Marisa, she nursed and I snuggled some more. Then I went back to work and the afternoon went even faster so that suddenly I was rushing to leave. I am not saying today was easy... I still felt sad but I focused on everything else which made it fly by. I cannot complain about that at all.
Marisa has a little cold but I tell you this kid - she's a keeper. She loves to smile! Tonight I spent 10 minutes changing her simply because she was laughing at me for practically doing nothing. As bad as I think she feels, she just keeps smiling. I love that sweet happy disposition.

I think Fall is coming to an end officially. I spent the afternoon in the park yesterday & I walked by this tree with yellow leaves. It was like the tree was filled with light... it took my breath away. The weather has been dream like. Sunny and warm and splendid. It is supposed to get cooler over the next two weeks. I took some photos from our front and back decks early this past Saturday morning. I noticed today the trees in these photos seemed to have spontaneously dropped their leaves today and it was not windy at all. Winter is near.

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