Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back Off

Man, karma's a fucking bitch. I am so glad none of my family reads this blog... wait a minute they swear like sailors too - where do you think I learned it?! Anyway, digressing.

Marisa slept like complete and total utter crap last night. From the get go it sucked. Matthew pitched a fit in the bath/after the bath/while reading stories/going to bed and Lucy was stuck in Marisa's room while I nursed and Santana started barking which made Lucy bark and Marisa woke up.

I spent the remainder of the night blazing a fucking path between our bedroom and hers trying to get her to sleep. She did not want ANYTHING to do with the pacifier and seriously there are at least TWO hours of the night where she spent alternately grinning at me and staring at me dozing off. She also likes to stare at the blue light on the monitor which ummm... what do you think about me giving Marisa the flat screen in her room and moving the monitor apparatus into our room so she can watch me sleep?! Fuckity fuck.

When I hit publish on the post yesterday I thought to myself, "self, karma's gonna bitch slap you for writing such foolishness about how wonderful and sweet your four month old." AND boy oh boy did she ever thwap me across the face (karma that is...)

Not to mention that I am still sick and my nose just started running and running and I had that itchy allergy throat thing that drives me freaking insane and there were no tissues and dammit if I did not have to pee every single time I was stuck in that chair hoping-waiting for Marisa to fall back to sleep?! WTF.

Matthew got up in the middle of the night and took my spot in bed and Lucy took up the rest of the space that Matthew did not occupy which really did not matter for the most part... Only I did actually sleep in there for 20 minutes at a time and I wanted my stupid place back - I woke up this morning with a foot in my face (Matthew's) and Lucy's whole body pushing my lower half out of the bed...

Oh and Marisa - totally getting a tooth. Oh hell at least she's still smiling about it all. even at 2:00am...

GAWD HALP ME. I am tired. And rambling. And my nose is still running. And I need to pee. Happy happy me. (OMG please do not make me read another Dr. Seuss story - I feel like I spend my days trying to make rhymes out of sentences and failing miserably.)

PLEASE KARMA I AM SORRY. FORGIVE ME FOR WRITING SUCH DRIBBLE YESTERDAY. My daughter did not sleep well and was up all night and I now know better then to ever put out there that she is lovely and sleepy and all on schedule and shit. Please, I take it back, now!!!

(Also it was a terrible horrible no good very bad day)
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