Friday, December 5, 2008

Presenting Our Illegal Family Photo

Copyright 2008 Kip May Photography

Why yes this is our family photo! No, we did not buy the copyright on the photo. I took a photo of the 11x14 print we bought and then thought about illegally using it for our Christmas card. It turned out so cute on Snapfish but then I thought 'Ah Kip is totally going to see this' and I would be in deep deep shit. The reason for such risk taking desperate measures? The thought of trying to get Matthew to get dressed in clothes I want him to wear & to behave for five or more minutes and getting Marisa dressed before blowing out her diaper or needing to eat and setting them in front of the Christmas tree for a sweet peaceful brother sister pose makes me feel a little sick inside.

Ah yeah still planning to try this over the weekend. Wish me luck.

Also, do not be surprised if you do see this photo on our Christmas card. Or just a card from a box set with no photo because OMG why is it so hard to get a good photo of one kid let alone two. WHAT WILL NEXT YEAR BE LIKE?!!!??

Did I mention the dress I bought online does not fit AND it is UGLY. SIGH. Desperate. 1 more week till the party and I have NOTHING to wear. Will work on that this weekend. A coworker of mine brought in like 20 dresses and I am going to look around here. I have a coupon from Limited and there is always Macy's.

hey at least I get free pizza today at work.

Has this been the longest week ever? Well I think it has but I also realized that I never worked a full week the entire month of November. Then I thought wow that sure would be nice forever and ever to have a work schedule like that.

Pumping and typing on the computer sucks.

Must go to work now. Please have a nice weekend! I promise to be more positive next week - I am only working four days again!!!
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