Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cup DOTH NOT Runneth Over

Marisa's Four Month Stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 7 oz Off her chart in weight
Height: 25-1/2 inches 95th %
Head: 24-3/4 inches 95th %

They gave us that sheet to circle where she is and Dr. F indicated she is about 5-1/2 months according to the test in terms of skills.

She is a big girl! And healthy as can be. And holy crap Dr. F said she has good balance, that "it will not be long before she sits up"... WHA?! Dr. F also said she is long so her weight is right for length which is just dandy.

Seriously, Kevin and I joke about her chunkiness but we are NOT worried about her weight! I think she is just like Matthew in that regard. Matthew remains at the top of his height and weight charts but he is by no means fat - he is just of good German and Dutch stock (OMG I just made me kid sound like a horse or something odd like that...)

I checked this stuff against Matthew's four month stuff and she is slightly heavier then Matthew was but Matthew was longer and had a bigger head. All the more brains to trick my mauder and poppy with. Ah yeah that is what Matthew has taken to calling us - How come I am MOTHER and Kevin gets something all cute and sweet like Poppy!? Seems so unfair. I am only a shrew like part of the time...

We rolled up to Panera to eat lunch yesterday after Marisa's appointment and plunked Marisa down in the booth in her carrier next to another baby in a carrier. Her mother was all "how old is she?" about Marisa and Kevin smiled and told her. The mother looked a little perplexed for moment then went on to explain this is her fourth daughter and the baby is 6 months old and all her kids do not gain weight until well after 6 months. Yo because I want my four month old to totally be BIGGER then your 6 month old - Take THAT. Ummm, NO.

(...and with no comfortable seg) Have I mentioned my suckalicious milk supply? When I was nursing/pumping with Matthew I was a veritable font of milk supply. I could feed your baby and your baby and yours with the milk I produced. I missed my calling as a wet nurse by a few centuries. I would have made a killing! Now, not so much (she says meekly.) I had to up the pumpings to three a day during the week. I only did two with Matthew and I would get (seriously) 10-16 ounces EACH time. Now I am lucky to get 4-6... And my chest - it is painful in that I am never full just painfully drained. I know Marisa is fine and she will survive but holy crap did my body really become that much more efficient?!

I "blame" some of this on the rapid weight loss (like it is a bad thing. Damned if I do, damned if don't eh?!) But you know with the holidays, lack of movement from being back at work and general exhaustion I am slowly RE-gaining weight. Which is NOT supposed to be the case. But those Dove chocolates and that Pizza and the bag of snickers I bought for the stockings that is now gone and I need to buy another one were so DAMN good. Oy.

So my milk supply is low but hey I know how to make it better? Yeah I am not really sure I want to go down that road for whole 8 months more just so I can produce enough milk to feed every baby east of the Mississippi! So that's my story and really with no good way to end this story I am OUTTA here.
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