Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

This little elf who spent the week with me is here to say Happy New Year!!! She also mentioned something about thank goodness the boy and man are coming home tomorrow because 'ENUF WITH CRAZY LADY TAKING THE PHOTOS ALREADY' ALL WEEK LONG WITH THE CAMERA! Oy... (I have no idea why Marisa always has an old Jewish woman's voice. I guess it is what it is.)

Bonus Photos include:
HALP a tiny pink & blue snowman is attacking me HALP!

Just because WEEE and you can never have too many Jumperoo shots, right!?

"Hey, is it 2009 yet 'cause I am SO 5 months going on a year RIGHT NOW Baby!"

Ummm so there's thatttt... HAPPY 2009 TO ALL!
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