Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"How to mail Santa Claus a letter"

Enough of my whining about not enough sleep - oh poor me I am so tired...

Do you want to know what I googled tonight? "How to mail Santa Claus a letter". Yup. I am such a dork. And a freak. I already feel sorry for Matthew - he is so going to be embarrassed that I am his mother when he is 13. OR I will suddenly become ultra hip and cool and he will beam to his little friends over how ultra hip and cool I am. I need to start shopping at Urban Outfitters, quick!

Yup, he will definitely think I am a dork.

SO the point of this is that I found the following sites: Norad which I knew about but love the counter that makes me both anxious and excited for Christmas to come. I still need to get my dad something and I have NO idea what to get. And the dogs. Poor dogs. They used to get whole stockings chuck full of stuff. Last year I tucked two half used bags of treats in their stockings for them to sniff and tussle with. What? I was pregnant and tired last year. This year I hope to get it together enough to buy them something not already opened.

I also thought this was a very comprehensive site. I mean who doesn't like eHow. Especially an eHow to Keep Kids Believing in Santa... which sort of took me off guard. I mean is it that hard in this day and age to keep kids believing in something? Then I thought about it and realized why yes yes it is pretty hard to keep kids believing in Santa. I mean Matthew is smarter then me and I have 32 years on him. We are screwed.

I found one of the sites mentioned in eHow before I found the eHow site - it is this one. If I wasn't so cheap and I thought Matthew might like to get a letter back from Santa I might consider doing the whole $5 to get a letter from Santa thing. For now I will just be amused. I mean who thinks of this stuff - what a money making scheme!

And so this is why I am a dork. And also why I need to get a life. Did I mentioned Matthew is going to take swim classes again in January and I am planning to take a yoga class. Ah that is my pathetic attempt to get a life. SIGH. Only 20 days 9 hours 22 minutes and 19, 18, 17 seconds till Christmas. Are you ready?
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