Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Holidays!

For Christmas every year my boss throws this party. It is amazing. Each year since I have started five years ago, the parties have gotten better. This year surpassed all the other years by far and away mainly because of the location (and I thought staying at the Conrad last year would be the topper!) We had our party in French Lick at West Baden Springs Hotel.

My few sad photos do not do this place justice. Along with an amazing location, the hotel service and food was equally outstanding. We all had balcony rooms so you could stand out on the balcony and take in the beauty of the dome which was once known as the 8th Wonder of the World! It has all been restored over the past few years and if you are ever visiting Indiana for any reason go here! It is worth every penny!

It was a lovely evening even though I had to go back to our room for about an hour to feed Marisa and get her to sleep. Matthew was in love with this place and wailed that he did not want to leave when we got ready to go. Likely that is because the kid had room service, got to watch not one but two Christmas shows on TV for the night and I let him have ice cream at 11:00am in the morning!

Here are a few pathetic shots from this past weekend:

The center pieces at the party

The wine was flowing freely... I loved the labels on this wine & I even had a tiny glass of it!

My favorite kind of salad with pear, blue cheese and walnuts - SO GOOD

The BEST Holiday Party Dinner yet (they called it Ratatouille but I called it "OMG orgasmic Risotto" it was THAT good!)

Unfortunately, I was called away before I finished the main course and dessert arrived during the awards/gift part of the party - I felt funny taking a photo of my fruit cheesecake & decaf coffee but trust me there was none left!

View of the Christmas tree from our Balcony

Part of the hotel bathroom

I wish I would have thought to take this photo before we occupied the room - this is the morning after the party!

The tree from ground level (you can see a part of the dome in this one.) There was just no good way to get a shot of the dome - I need a new lens is what I need... some of my co-workers and spouses had these lens - oy, it totally gave me LENS envy ;)

The tree again (also just so you know this is a fake tree but it was hard to tell it was fake!)

Matthew in the fire place that can hold something like 21 people side by side

I hope we go back there again and I have plans in my mind to visit the hotel and grounds in the spring time! It was worth every moment of the time we were there. The grounds were beautiful and if I did not have Marisa with me I would taken some photos of the grounds especially at night. Everything was lite up and stunning. Just overall a wonderful event in a location that is almost indescribable - something you have to experience for yourself really!

So that is how we spent part of this past weekend!
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