Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo proof of the Sitting and more

Okay SOOOO moving on from that OTHER post here are some lovely photos to take the negative taste out of your mouths! Also, please embrace the randomness of this selection.

The thrill of making the Gingerbread house wore
off the moment he realized we were NOT going to
eat it after making it...
See also: Capturing the spirit of the holidays here.

Sharing A Moment

Sitting, Unaided (with Momma hovering nearby!)

See my hand moving to make sure she does not tip over?!
Doesn't she look a tad surprised by this new development?!

Daddy and Matthew swimming in the pool at West Baden

Marisa and I were a little ah BORED at the
pool in West Baden - "we" left to eat not
long after this shot!

Coach Matthew was slapping Daddy five because
Daddy did a lap of Freestyle without dying.

Proof that she takes a pacifier but wants to simultaneously
stuff her hands in her mouth! One can never have enough in
one's mouth to deal with the pain of teething right?!

That's all I got - actually I have more. Tomorrow folks, tomorrow. Share some photos of what you and your kids (edited: or pets or the grass growing - I just like photos y'all!) have been doing lately PLEASE!!!
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