Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quarter One

To my sweet baby girl,

You are FOUR months old TODAY. Imagine that. I am in awe over how time is flying for us all this time around. With Matthew, the days seemed long and stretched out all funny. This time the days seem to fly by and we are having such a blast!

You are the happiest cuddliest little baby in the world. You have a near constant smile on your face and you light up almost every time one of us walks in the room. You watch Matthew with an intensity and purpose and the looks you give him alternate between precious and laugh out loud hysterical. When Matthew runs by shrieking at the top of lungs your eyes about pop out of your head and you grin ear to ear - I think that you are wondering when on earth you will be able to do this with him (and good lord help my ringing ears already!)

Speaking of movement, Ashley and I were talking yesterday about how we think you will sit up before you even roll over as you seem that motivated to get in that position. I hope not, I want to see you being a roley poly baby before you are a sitting baby but whatever works for you I am hip to that! You can get on your side - you seem to favor your left side - but then your hands distract you and you start chewing and forget what your purpose is. I joked to Daddy the other day was it possible or even good for a baby to walk any sooner then 9 months because we seem to be heading down the same road with you as an early walker.

I can feel two little teeth in that little mouth of yours that are likely driving you batty and the source of your near constant chew chew chewing on your hands, your toys, my hands...

Amongst the many exciting things you are doing now - you take a pacifier! One day when you were not feeling well I popped it in and you fell in love which makes Kevin and I happy as we have an alternate to, well, to me AND Kevin can help get you settled from time to time.

You love to nurse and we nurse exclusively when I am around though you take a bottle like a champ for Ashley. There are times when I would love to defer to the bottle so I can get out and about but I love nursing all the same and know it only lasts so long this needing me constantly. You nurse about twice a night and sleep so well in comparison to what I have known that I am thrilled. Plus I love my nights with you - I love your warm little body snuggled up against mine and your sweaty fist holding tight to my finger until you fall back to sleep. This was always my most favorite time with Matthew as well. Even through the fog I feel in the morning, I still smile because that is our special quiet time together.

You have taken to making numerous new and very loud noises! That are hysterical to hear and while getting ready the other morning while Daddy was holding you it sounded like you were having a whole narrative conversation with him!! It is this shriek-y catty call complete with little giggles and gurgles.

You are rocking the same schedule you have had almost since birth (she says knocking on wood). Two morning naps and one long afternoon nap plus bed time. This likely is from better parenting on our part but still it feels so good to us to see you progressing with this schedule!

You love your Mortimer the Moose, or Morty as I like to call him. Your brother is always bringing you both his toys and yours to share. I will be interested to see long that lasts once you do start moving. Your brother is crazy for you. He wants to hold, hug, kiss and be near you every chance he can get and always includes you in his stories and shenanigans.

I am looking forward to the coming month. I am sure I missed some of the cool things are doing right now but I imagine in the next month many new things will happen. We have your four month appointment next week and your FIRST Christmas to look forward too. I cannot wait little Miss Marisa to write next month but I also want to tell you to slow down a little bit so your momma can sit back and enjoy watching you grow. Four months baby WOW!

I feel so thankful to have you and Kevin and Matthew. Each day I thank things greater then me for giving me all that I have. I love you with all of my heart and cannot imagine my world without you. Be sweet little baby girl!

Love, Momma :)
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