Monday, December 22, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

My baby. Oh mi gawd. She rolled over. Friday morning. At 7:55am. Then again and again and again. And now that is what she does. If you lay her on her back she would prefer to be on her tummy. She can look around and cock her head to the side and look up and see the world a little better!

She has not figured out that she can go in the other direction as of yet but I am sure that will come soon enough. I also noticed that her little legs are kicking a lot more along with her arms squirming and I kid you not I noticed she sidled to the side just a hair yesterday afternoon.

She is so sweet and earnest and she no longer is content to just lay in my arms now. She almost ALWAYS wants to sit up and see the world in the UP UP UP position! The recline position only really happens when she is super tired. Even if she is hungry and I lay her down on the boppy to eat she tries to sit up.

I was going to try to get some video and/or photos of the rolling over posted but I am lazy and never upload my video footage (though I know it is easy, I am just LAZY.) And the camera's batteries finally gave out and of course the rechargeables were NOT charged. Which reminds me I need to get the ones I loaned my co-worker at our Christmas party back - have you seen the cost of those rechargeable batteries!? SO no photos of the event as of yet... I will work on this. Maybe this evening or something.

I am all weepy today. I cannot really explain why. I just feel down rather then up. I have welled up at least three times for no good reason this morning. I am trying to crush this weepiness with homemade COOKIES (inhaled for breakfast of course)! And homemade Latkes (made by my colleague, Caryl)! And thoughts of a "corporate" breakfast on Wednesday at the Uptown! And a "corporate" pitch-in on Wednesday! And there is sun shining outside my window! And thinking of Missy Marisa's wee baby face lighting up every time she sees me! But I still feel weepy. Hopefully it will go away. I mean sun shine and baby smiles - that has to take the gray weepy cloud away, right!?

We visited with friends last evening to exchanges gifts, holiday cheer and cookies (YUM) (also see a theme here?!) Matthew and their daughter ran their little rumps off.

Prior to that Kevin and Matthew played outside in the freezing cold for an hour or so.

Prior to that we all hit the mall (Target of course) and Matthew took some of his quarters from his piggy bank and spent them on mall "rides". Needless to say Matthew was asleep in the car at around 7:21pm. Marisa fell asleep around that time as well.

Kevin and I decided to go for a drive to see the lights (and we held hands and it almost felt like the time before we had kids when we used to do this and it was so quiet and calm and we talked about the future and the lights and I would not want to go back to the time before we had kids because god do I love my kids more then words can express but it sure was nice to have those few quiet moments holding hands again...) and seriously some people have outdone themselves this year! I am so excited to take Matthew out on our Christmas Eve tradition of driving with hot cocoa, Christmas tunes and light looking this year!

Also, Matthew gave us an early Christmas present in that he slept from 7:21pm until 7:00am today! HOLY CRAP I know! Oh and Marisa slept like a rock as well. Just ONE 3:00a feeding - rock on little tykes!

We visited Santa on Saturday morning (dudes I am SO random and going in reverse right now?!) We hit the Fountain Square Mall where we found there was a Holiday Hoopla happening!!! I love the word 'Hoopla' first of all but man was it fun even though Matthew was having some meltdown issues and was being a bit of whiny little thing. He was tired and grumpy about not being able to eat the "gingerbread" house we made at the Hoopla. We spent the entire day working through these "issues" but it did not stop the fun!

This year the Santa photo turned out GREAT! Matthew insisted that he bring his list (the one he made at Kelly's house) for Santa to see. The problem with this list - we did not get him ONE thing on the list. Not the socks, not the digger or the roller. Ah, we suck? But we bought early (deals and trying not spend a shit load oh money at one time in December) (which happened anyway... as always) and the things he said he wanted on THAT list he did not want back when we bought stuff. CRAPPITY CRAP. Kevin said he feels bad and maybe we should at least buy him some socks. Ah so yeah Matthew will be all 'yo all Santa brought me was some socks'. Righhhhhht.

Any who, so those were some of the events of the weekend. It is cold right now, did I mention that? I am holding out for a white Christmas. The belief that those forecasters don't have a clue and what the heck Seattle? Why are you stealing all the snow? I mean I live in the Midwest dammit I am supposed be snowed in, NOT YOU! Oh well. I guess it will be nice to let Matthew play on his new scooter on Christmas day, you know outside, in the balmy 50 degree weather...

How was your weekend? (also still weepy but now I have to pee so bye-bye.)
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