Thursday, December 18, 2008

Story Teller

I bought a book at a local kiddie store recently. It is basically all white with a race car and some other stuff on the front of it that can be colored in. Inside the pages are blank. We recently discovered that for Nanny Ashley Matthew will tell stories. These stories are interesting and range from obscure references to things we have read, seen or talked about in the past year or two as well as current "events" like snowmen, Santa and Christmas. Many of them have Batman or some other super hero as well as bad guys and monsters. According to Matthew, the Grinch has been classified as "bad guy" status along with The Penguin, The Riddler and others. WHO KNEW?!

Matthew has always asked us to tell him stories after we read to him at night. And sometimes he will randomly ask for story after story to be told at dinner or on long drives. This is not a bad thing. At first. Then it gets old mostly because it makes us realize how shitty our story telling skills have become as we have grown older. Besides that we can only tell so many "the mommy bunny, daddy bunny and little baby bunny" stories before our brains explode all over the place from trying to think of something new to say about these three bunnies or what object/being he attaches to that scenario. Truth be told, Matthew would listen to the same story being told over and over again as he likes to inject his own changes to the story which is equally annoying after awhile.

This book serves two nice purposes. First of all, we/he can see his words in print. His thoughts and stories are there for good. We can look back and see how his story telling changes but we can simply look back on his story telling which is freakin' cool! He has also drawn some pictures in the book so we can see his "art work" progress. He even told both Kevin and I stories to write in there the other day - something he has NEVER done for us before. It kicked ass to have him tell me a whole story with little prompting from me other then an occasional question like "tell me why did the snowmen grow claws?"

Secondly, Matthew now prefers to hear his own stories so if I am desperate and have no desire to tell "the mommy, daddy and baby cow, shoe, Christmas tree" stories he usually requests I say "how about we read your stories?" and his eyes LIGHT up. He gets the book and we read those instead! He giggles over his OWN MADE UP silliness and thinks it is down right awesome that his stories are in print. I hope he keeps doing this because it is fun and a nifty little keep sake just for him, by him. And it sure helps us in the story telling department!
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