Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey and Decking the Halls

Our Thanksgiving (in pictures - good lawdy am I getting more and more lazy by the day... or by the week since that is about as much as I post lately...)

Marisa slept most of the day - she just needed it after getting over her cold. I also needed it since I WAS sick and cooking up a storm!

Matthew and Kevin had a mixed media day. They watched videos of Matthew terrorizing the dogs, the movie Cars (a turkey day tradition in our house) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (which seemed SUPER lame this year but whatever...)

Ah, yes he is going to hate me when he is 14. I bought the hat from the $1 bin at Target and he insists on not wearing shirts or socks when lounging about the house.

Turkey dinner with all the fixin's!

Dessert and a movie

Marisa and Daddy post meal sitting

Activity Time - this is in the evening when Marisa refused to go to sleep because DUH she slept all day!

Here is how we spent the entire weekend:

DECORATING! Our tree and fire place "scene"! Matthew totally rocked - he helped with almost everything from putting the tree up to putting up ornaments. He did a good job of not touching anything...

until this morning when he got into to trouble for touching EVERYTHING. WEEE 24 more days!

This "bar area" in the basement across from the tree.

Kevin said he put up 1,600 lights on the house so swing by our house if want to see some lights! (I will get a photo this evening since it is snowing out and Christmas lights are best viewed with just a wee bit of snow to enhance them!) He is totally the dude from National Lampoon's Christmas I swear. We were Lowes and his eyes virtually lite up (pun intended thankyouverymuch) when he saw this remote controlled system for $129 bucks that played music and made the lights blink to the music. Holy crap, the people across the way probably hate us. People three streets over probably hate us. 'Tis the season...
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