Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Hours of Christmas & A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Marisa: "YEAH IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!! What does that mean?"

Pre-opening (Marisa was still asleep and we could not get Matthew to wait!)

Matthew headed straight to his stocking - he was SO excited his whole body was shaking!

"Look Momma it's PENGUIN! Santa brought me Penguinnnnn!"

Marisa and Daddy heading down for Marisa's 1st Christmas!!!

This photo cracked me up - Marisa was grabbing the tissue paper as Matthew was ripping it out of the bag and Kevin was just giggling away about it all.

Taking it ALL in (that Mozart Cube TOTALLY rocks!)


Ohhh wrapping paper!

Kevin modeling Matthew's new winter hat ~ Poor guy!

The Aftermath

Happy Tired Me (looking super cute, eh?!)

Happy HAPPY Matthew (playing with his new Bat Cave!)
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