Monday, January 19, 2009

Consumer WARNING

SO this morning I was going to flavor my oatmeal with some DOMINO'S LIGHT BROWN SUGAR and lo I dug in to pull out a scoop and there was F***ing bolt in my spoon. Needless to say I was totally shocked and upset. I make cookies and Apple Crisp and other items with that sugar that my THREE YEAR and I and my husband all consume. I was floored and upset and disgusted and mortified all at once.

I sent the company an email and called the company where I was only able to leave a voice message of course... (Real human contact - wha?!) I am keeping the bag just in case but I have this feeling nothing will come of it. I buy the Domino's brand because the other choice is Kroger brand and my thought process is higher quality, higher price. Apparently this is not accurate. I plan to throw away the other Domino's products I have and not buy them any longer. If the company decides to communicate in some way, I will let you know.

Please be careful with the processed foods you feed your family. I have always heard about stuff like this in mass produced foods but have never had it happened to me personally. I am appalled. Lately we have backed off eating higher quality products meaning we used to eat less processed foods and more make it from the garden & buy local, etc... in order to cut food costs but I am rethinking that mind set after this latest development

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