Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Focus on Random

This meme thingy is going around at Facebook. I am sure I will do it on FB too but I thought it would be fun to do it here too.

25 Random Things About Me:

1.) I could do the splits until I got pregnant at 31 and now I cannot.

2.) I used to run but something happened to my body along the way and now my neck and shoulder hurt, I get migraines and it sucks to try to run for exercise any more.

3.) I like the smell of BBQ anything but I will only eat BBQ chicken and even that I pick at for the most part.

4.) I dream about getting back down to the weight I was before I got pregnant.

5.) I like sarcasm and a lot of people do not get my humor at times.

6.) I hope to one day buy a little house in Santa Cruz and live by the ocean again.

7.) I am very reclusive and can "talk" about my feelings better in a blog/letter/email then I can in person.

8.) I say "like" a lot and it annoys my family. Like I do not know why.

9.) I gasped the other day when I looked in the mirror and saw both my sister and brother looking back. I always thought I never looked any thing like either of them.

10.) I have my mother's knees.

11.) I colored my hair blond for almost 12 years - when I got pregnant with Matthew I stopped and never went back to it.

12.) I tend to be very verbose when writing things down AND I talk a lot in person. BOTH annoying habits even to me. I always try to think about this when I am talking or writing which tends to hold me back from saying or writing anything to anyone.

13.) I like it when people are formal and I hate email for that reason. I feel everyone should always address people (Hi, Hello, Dear) AND say good bye formally even it if it is a two sentence email.

14.) I hate thank you cards. SO I am not THAT formal!

15.) My hands and feet have been the same size since grade five.

16.) I have wanted to write a book since I was ten but I have never been sure what to write or how. I keep hoping it will come to me.

17.) I never thought I would be a mother.

18.) As soon as my kids are old enough I plan to drag them all over the world - I love to travel and have missed doing it the past few years.

19.) I love animals and I get really upset when I see dead ones on the sides of the road. My heart will break into a billion pieces when I have to say good bye to my doggies.

20.) I listen to NPR obsessively. And I am sad when I have to miss Prairie Home Companion on Saturday evenings! (DORK!!!)

21.) The best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a mother.

22.) I met my husband at a bar called The Shamrock in Marquette MI. This bar was most often referred to as the Scamrock. It closed two years ago.

23.) I hated that I grew up in California until I was almost 30. I was glad I left and never thought I would look back on it longingly and with love.

24.) I learned how to cross country ski when I was 2 in our backyard in NY. I miss cross country skiing.

25.) My dad lived in China for several years to help build nuclear power plants when I was in Junior high school. It crushed me when he left and never really came back.
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