Saturday, January 3, 2009

Four Plus One Equals FIVE

For Marisa Moo on her Five Month Birthday:

I did not forget that yesterday was your five month birthday - I just never got around to writing anything. Too tired, too grouchy, too whatever so I just did not do it. BUT in lieu of missing the day, Daddy and I talked about the fact that it was your birthday yesterday and how crazy it is that we cannot remember life before you arrived yet it has only been five months. FIVE. Amazing.

You are amazing to me. You learned to roll over from back to front this past month. You are about equal on the sucking of fingers and the pacifier. You are obsessed with getting those hands of yours to work darn it! You stare at them and you practice pinching and stare at them again then try to get your thumb and index finger to do what you want them to do with an object. It generally does not go as planned but you start over again and again. And you are SO calm about it all! I love watching this process because I can just see you mind expanding, your wheels turning!

You are kicking butt in the weight department per the usual. You are probably close to 20 lbs at this point or at least you feel that heavy! We had a pitch in at work the day before Christmas and Daddy's old boss, Jane, looked at you and said "what is she now? Eight or nine months?" When we sit you up you do so with no problem and would prefer to be sitting up but I keep telling you that you need to figure out how to do this on your own which would require you to learn to roll the other way as well. I think we will need to banish the Bumbo to the garage as you are arching your back trying to get out of it. I guess it did its job, right?! We also put away the bouncer seats - you were just too big for it unfortunately (which just makes me glad that we bought those 2nd hand :)

You are very vocal as usual and you have taken to watching Santana and Matthew with a keen eye. I am not sure what you are taking away from Santana and I am a bit afraid to know what you are learning from Matthew but whatever - Matthew totally cracks her up. You giggle uncontrollably at me - apparently I am terribly funny to the under 1 set. You are definitely teething and have been shoving everything in your mouth and yet nothing seems to satisfy your needs in that department. I feel bad for you in that regard but you will survive and hopefully a tooth or two will pop out in due time.

You have been digging your new Mozart Music cube that Santa brought and you love the stuffed giraffe that Matthew picked out for you. Speaking of Matthew, he is truly charming with you. After being away for five days, when I came out to see him he ran to me hugged me and then said "where's Marisa, Momma?" (heart melted RIGHT THERE!!!)This evening at dinner, Matthew was playing peek a boo with you and had you going. You beamed at your brother across the table! Kevin and I just looked across at one another and smiled. He hugs and kisses you daily and wants to be sure you are included as much as possible. He is just a stellar big brother and seems to get even better with each passing day if that is possible!

You are very interested in eating - what we eat (and drink) and how we eat it. I waited until Matthew was past 8 months to feed him his first solids but we may have to think about giving you something sooner, MAYBE.

Your hair is coming in and it is looks much darker then Matthew's was at your age. Today I noticed for the first time that you are also developing a dimple on one cheek only (like me!) Even though you are a big girl you are still my giggle-y sweet little baby. Five months! It does not seem possible that the next time I write I will be writing about your HALF year birthday. Where has time gone? I said to Kevin on the first that we were out walking around the hospital at this time trying to get Miss Marisa to come into the world and he nodded. We thought for sure at that point that we would be having a baby on the first but you had to be unique and arrive on the second!

I am so excited for the coming month sweet girl! I love you more then words can express. Happy New Year darlin'!

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