Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Out of the WAY, Inchworms and Hormone Fest 2009

Thump. Bounce, bounce, bounce... that is how I have felt lately about just about everything in my life. Life feels sort of like one of those stupid tennis ball machines where it is loaded full with little yellow (greenish?) balls and they are coming at me so fast I can barely get my racket up fast enough to "try" to hit all those stupid balls.

It has been driving me batty. I think... bear with me on this, I think hormones have a huge part to play in this. It is like rather then being all hormonal the first months after Marisa's birth those evil hormones laid in wait, ready to attack then they saw a brief moment of weakness in me. Weakness confirmed by way of exhaustion/sickness/emotional stress.

Now I am a ball of hormonal imbalance. And sleep deprivation (freakin' exhaustion more like but why WHY mince words...) I feel fat and uncomfortable and TIRED. Okay so I think there is a theme here. SLEEP. It is OH SO elusive and by elusive I mean non existent. This no sleep thing? It makes me a tad bit bat shit crazy. I am trying, this time for real I am trying to be a good girl and go to sleep on time. I nap when I can on the weekends and I am actually SKIPPING shows to go to bed by 9:00pm most nights (DVR? what is that? We are too cheap to have such a thing. See also TOO lazy.) That my friends is huge. It does however cut into my email/blog writing/reading time but I know sleep is what I need right now. It sucks. I know it will not last forever but it sucks none the less.

On decidedly different note, today, Marisa attempted to crawl (FOR FUCKS SAKE) ERR YEAH!

No for real. I mean it. She has not even perfected the roll over from front to back (just back to front and then she mews like a cat about it.) But she has this strong urge to crawl. I am like NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... then I cheer her on anyway. (Note to myself: NEED TO BUY NEW BABY GATES ASAP.) Yup. She is getting on her knees and like a little chubby inchworm she slithers forward with her hands (and is really moving not just rocking.) I am proud !!! do not get me wrong but great Scott she will be SIX FLIPPING months in two and a half weeks... WAIT baby wait. SIGH. They grow up OH so fast.

Heard this morning by me on the way to taking Matthew to the WORLD'S CUTEST Pediatric DENTIST OFFICE EVA (this was my first time there):
Picture it - it is suddenly snowing heavily and it is dark. I am grumbling to myself about "why are you braking? There is no one in sight" when Matthew pipes up


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