Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growth, Skates and A Deep Dark Den

I have been a little "slow" in the photo department lately. This has partly been due to exhaustion and being sick and just not in the mood to be hiding behind the camera. I did manage a few shots here and there.

We took Matthew skating the other day. This was the only ACTUAL time Matthew went on the ice that day.

*He spent the rest of the time like this and what he really wanted to see was the Zamboni.

Matthew came traipsing in while I was trying to take some shots of Marisa. He was not wearing pants, would not smile and just wanted to see the photo. Marisa only wanted to look at Matthew so THIS is the best shot.

Ma Happy Babe!

She got all serious after Matthew went away. Personally, I think she was just bored.**

And then there is Matthew... he decided this is where he wanted to sleep the other night... Where is he you might be asking yourself?

Why yes that is a book shelf with a storage bin underneath. And look at Kevin & Santana enabling the situation!!

* We went skating at a coworker's house this past weekend. She has a fish pond that freezes over in the winter. Matthew totally got on there and skated for about 30 minutes so we just think all of the people and noise kind of scare him a bit.

** Oh and DUDES her outfit - size TWELVE MONTHS. She is wearing almost all 12 month clothing now. We basically skipped the 9 month clothing. What the heck!? Le Sigh.
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