Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Half Year Birthday!

For Monday February 2, 2009 (I know I'm early but I never have time to blog any more)


Where did the time go baby girl? Six months have gone by like that - like the time it takes me to snap my fingers together. You are my beautiful giggly charming smart little girlie girl!

I am SO proud of you. You are wiggling and trying to crawl (only in reverse right now) and you want to pull up and you are working really hard to try to form words and make sounds and simply put you are AMAZING to me!

You adore your brother and pat at the dogs. You are all very patient with one another (most of the time!) Your face beams when you see Daddy and Mommy. We love you more then we can express in words.

Happy SIX months Birthday Missy Marissy Moo!


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