Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hopeful Intentions

There is something to be said about saying your piece. A Mrs. Collins from Domino Sugar left me a message at my work today and she sent me an email. She apologized profusely for what happened, asked that I send the metal piece to them and they would open an investigation at the refinery. She also offered to send me a replacement product & coupons. In no way did I want anything more then an apology at first but the more I thought about it yesterday I thought 'my gawd that is so gross' and I struggled with eating anything yesterday without totally investigating what it came in (if it was packaged.)

I thought there is no way anyone will contact me back but here we are less then 24 hours later with a phone call AND an email AND a way to reconnect with Mrs Collins to further talk about the incident. Sometimes things happen that make me feel hopeful about big business. It helped to make my day even happier then it is already.

Today is the day. At my birthday celebration for work I mentioned how hopeful I was for 2009. My birthday is on November 11th. I said one thing I was most looking forward to was January 20, 2009 because it was going to be a momentous day for so many reasons. I cannot help but feel gleeful for our country. Not just because we get to see G.W. Bush to the door and hopefully let it hit him in the ass on the way out but because we have overcome. We as a people changed the course of our history by pushing some little buttons over the past year or two. We will no longer be entirely defined by racism, slavery and the negative behavior of our forefathers.

I am a little white girl. I was taught to never judge people based on anything but the content of their being. If they were nice, had good morals and values and were doing right by humanity then they were good people to hang with. I hardly realized there was a huge difference between myself and my little friends growing up. I am in awe of my parents because they managed to do this for me. I never saw the color of his or her face I just so people in front of me. I had friends of many colors and races and it never occurred to me that recent history would not have allowed these kinds of friendships. That even in certain parts of the country, friendships like these are discouraged STILL. I know today that racism is alive and well in this country but it is also changing, thankfully. I know that one person cannot change or erase history entirely but I am still hopeful that he will bring to this country a new sense of being. An openness to those with closed minds.

I am hopeful that Mr. Obama can be the voice of change. That he will hold true to his values and beliefs. That he will help to make the future a brighter place for my babies. He has a long difficult road ahead of him but I will totally hang with him through the tough times in hopes that down the road things will get better. Matthew will get to watch PRESIDENT Obama be sworn in today and even if he has no idea that he watching history it will be amazing to allow him that honor. To know that I helped make that history in my own small way by going out and pushing a button or two all those months ago.

I am hanging my hat on hope and intentions today. I told you a couple of weeks back that rather then making resolutions I was going to be intentional. It is SO hard to be intentional especially when you intend to do something and you fail miserably. I tend to want to sit back and say "well I was intentional and I failed so I won't keep trying." This time I am being hard headed and trying again and again to keep my intentions. I wrote them down and read them daily. I will fail but I am hopeful and intentional.

I feel the same way about President Obama and the new fresh air that he will bring to this country to Washington DC to the world. He will fail but if he can remain hopeful and intentional over and over again we will be okay as country.
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