Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Spend a Snow Day

Okay WAKE UP PEOPLE! (Clap clap!) Did you know it TOTALLY snowed in the Midwest?! TOTALLY. And guess what? WHAT? I took photos. Holy shit, I know. So here are some of those photos.

Part One - Snow and Boys:

The Usual Backyard Shot

The Dog's Trail Filled In

Matthew Through the Front Door - He SO wanted me to open it - Can you tell?

Poor Wittle Shrub - Spring is coming! Hang in there!!!

Mischievous boys

SNOW - Matthew was in Seventh Heaven!

Meanwhile in the house, Marisa and I were BOUNCING and GIGGLING. Mostly we were staying warm because DUH that is where you stay when it is cold and snowy right?!

Part Two - Warm, Happy Girl


Lip Chewing


Nom nom nom

All right that's all I have. For now. Happy Snow Day!
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