Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sibling Love - Part Deux

And here we are again. Do you see a theme of me filling my posts with photos in order to NOT tell you anything about my life because dude it has been pretty strained and stressful and down right FUCKING SUCKING. SO YEAH with no further ado photos for you.

A hug a day - do you see Marisa embracing the hug concept? Rigggght.

Seriously the best shot I could get of both of them, looking at the camera. It was like every time I clicked they would look away or some thing silly or whatever it is kids this age like to you know do, like MOVE. Don't they know I am trying to get a GOOD shot here??!

Marisa's thinking "GIVE ME BACK MY STUFFED GIRAFFE MAN!" Matthew is painfully oblivious as most men are about what a woman really wants... Errr I mean, ah... yeah so moving on...

Now you see me...

Now YOU Don't (kind of!)
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