Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sibling Love - Part Un

Kevin and I were discussing last night how we felt there was this shift in Matthew recently in terms of development. Maybe it is the NEW car seat because holy crap my kid no longer requires a car seat per say just one of those booster deals WAILLLLL... Actually every time Matthew travels he seems to come back different, more aware, even more interested in the world around him. The same went for Marisa after our trip to West Baden. It is like seeing the world expands their minds but I am rambling here.

This past month Matthew is calmer when it comes to punishment, he seems to get it. He knows that we can get into trouble to and talks with us about this fact. His speech while has always been decent and fairly easy to understand seems even clearer. He is forming these AMAZING thoughts that throw us for a loop. All he wants to do is read read read 24/7 or have us tell him story after story. He wants to know what every word means and we get out the dictionary almost every night to talk about the meanings of words. He is not satisfied with one easy answer he wants to understand the complexities of life.

He is even more interested in his sister and the relationship there then he was before. He has taken to watching a DVD set I gave to Kevin a couple of years back called Planet Earth and he is just amazed by animals. His favorites seem to be the bears, shrimp and snakes. Go figure. We even looked these animals up online to find out more about them (Wiki I heart you!) Matthew stopped having naps a couple of months back and while we thought this would be horrible it actually makes him friendlier, happier and he goes to bed without so much as a peep these days. If he needs to, he will pop a squat in front of the radio and listen to stories on CD to get some rest in.

I guess it is not that he changed drastically, just an overall tweaking. It is not like he did not do these things before he just does them differently now. Better maybe? I do not know. Kevin and I stand in awe of these changes in Matthew. We knew that something big was coming with the crazy behavior he was having prior to these changes.

The other day I was playing with Marisa in her room and Matthew came swooping in. He wanted to hang with us and he totally did. I decided to capture some of this on camera because I know he will not always want to hang with us, he will not always be SO interested in his baby sister and she in him. Nothing is forever as it goes with these kiddos.

Surprise and Movement

"Mom and that flash - Oyi!"

Extreme close-up (or Matthew wanted to see the last photo!)

Hugging (no one looking)

*There will be more tomorrow (this is a long set!! ;)* Also, I could not get them to both look at the camera at the same time - constant motion these two!!
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