Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updates: Marisa Edition

Marisa has the reverse mode down for crawling.

She also squawks like a madwoman and gets up on her hands and knees in frustration that she cannot move forward.

Matthew is really interested in "picking" up and "turning over" his little sister. I am all for hugs and kisses and hanging with her but the whole 20 lbs baby in the 40 lb preschooler's arms thing - that is sketchy in my opinion. He is also NOT gentle when turning her over. She's tough.

Marisa likes to play ball when sitting up.

Marisa's is getting GOOD with her hands. She can take out her pacifier and flip it around and gnaw on it any way she wants.

She also no longer bashes herself in the head with the plastic rattles and toys. She is now quite good at BANGING very loudly with said objects.

Marisa still giggles and smiles like mad. Melts my heart EVERY single time.

Marisa does not want to just sit up or crawl - she wants to be held up in the STAND position. ALL. DAY. LONG.

I have also noticed her looking around kind of wild eyed when we can no longer hold up in STAND position for a way to PULL herself up. (I think have a 2nd early walker on our hands, folks... not sure how I feel about that yet. See also NO choice in the matter. This is NOT encouraged behavior by the by.)

Marisa outgrew her Bumbo seat and her bath thing-y a few weeks back. I think I need to give up the ghost on the swing and baby gym as well. She hates the swing like her brother with what I can only describe as a fiery passion and she tugs SO hard on her gym I fear the wrath of the Baby Einstein star on her noggin.

I know I have said this but let me say it again - She is in 12 months clothing solidly. Scary thing - she could move to 18 months clothing because even some of the 12 month stuff is a bit "tight".

She is getting her four month shots tomorrow. She will be SIX months on Monday...

I am excited for Marisa to grow and develop but sad that is flown by SO quickly this time.
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