Monday, February 16, 2009

Epcot, Tigger and Weirdness

Looking at these photos made me laugh. And also realize that we are just weird. And silly. And man did we have a nice time...

Oh and AH yes... cold it was. It was some ungodly temperature when we arrived in Orlando and it only got worse. It was like 30 something during the DAY. We were so cold in the morning the kid's teeth were chattering and I was wearing as much clothing as I would if I were out and about in Indiana. Weee... it did get better and actually warmed up to the 70s after the first two days. On with the show!

Days 3 and 4 (maybe 5...) (Gawd are you going to be glad when I get done showing you these? At least you only have to look at 10-15 at a time. There close to 500!)

Epcot from Matthew's POV

Daddy and Marisa in the Nemo Fishy Area

Matthew and I inside of Bruce's Mouth!

We are SO adventerous that we ate Le Cellier. As in CANADA. Whatevs. They told Matthew he got to be the assistant chef and help to make his dessert. He FREAKED (in a bad way.) He pouted and ripped the coat off...

Five minutes later... I LOVE THREE YEARS (she says through gritted teeth.)

Just a bunch of "monkeys" hanging around

Baby Carrying!

By day three I gave up on the nursing station and pretty much nursed ANYWHERE including the back row of the safari ride. Also Mickey's Toon Town, the family bathroom in Epcot (yuck), and the back row of the Lion King show.

The Boys - Self portrait

Marisa! (we were getting on the train in the Animal Kingdom)

The Boys and Tigger

Matthew loved this dinosaur - we also went back to this place twice...

Waiting to get into the Magic Kingdom

Saying 'hi' to our friends, Walt and Minnie

I wish I had a video of Matthew doing this little dance. It was hysterical. Weird, I tell you. Three going on Four is WEIRD!
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