Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Morning Review

Long nights that is what I am living through right now. I feel like Frankenstein on a bad day most days. I am lurching about hoping that no one can see how tired I really am. And seriously this morning at our company breakfast I think I fell asleep with my eyes open because I totally missed a whole section of the breakfast conversation.

Of course NOT the eating part - during which I hoggishly powered down most of three blueberry cornmeal pancakes with fruit on the side. And yet inexplicably I lost a pound this week EVEN after eating an entire box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies to myself last night... Least I mention that in addition to the above mentioned "health food" I have eaten my weight in left over Valentine's chocolates, another WHOLE different box of Girl Scout cookies, pizza and some Reese's Peanut Butter ice cream. How do they say it in French: LE Oink.

SO this morning after getting showered and prying my eyes open (yes that was AFTER the shower), I decided to snap some shots because man what else do you do at 6:30 am on a Friday morning.

Matthew watching Caillou - why oh why is his head so round? Caillou's, NOT Matthew's!)

And eating breakfast - what is healthier then teaching your kid to watch TV whilst eating, I ask you?! (see also wearing shorts and a short sleeve t shirt in the dead of winter BUT at least he has slippers on, right???)

Meanwhile, Marisa was "reviewing" the 2008 guide to Disney World.

AND FREAKING DOING THIS?! Wha... yeah that is pulling up into standing position. This makes her infinitely happy but we all keep reminding her SHE MUCH LEARN TO CRAWL FIRST. Score one for the 7 month old. We are losing the battle, y'all.
I said "dinner's on" last night to the general household.

Matthew came running up with a big old smile which is unusual in this day and age as everything we make is "EHHH GROSS" these days. I thought 'wow he is super excited to eat! How nifty is that!?'

He picked up a piece of the food on his plate, looked at me scornfully and said quite clearly "Mommy, you have deceived me!"

Same kid said "I suppose I like that puzzle more then that book." 'I suppose?' Dudes, I do not even say 'I suppose'. Well now I do because I hear it 50 times a day. But for real what Philosopher is he channeling? Next thing you know he is going to be whipping out Venn diagrams about why the puzzle is better then the book and how those two concepts intersect in the middle all while wearing a toga!

Kids are freaky smart!
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