Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a World Of Laughter, A World of Fun

Here is some lighter fare after the post yesterday. I am sure I will write more of the "other" stuff. I am trying to work on my mad writing skilz here as well as doing family stuff which is charming and sweet but I started the blog to, you know, like write. Not just update you on how totally freaking awesome my life is... which is a lie 'cause dudes there are definitely moments of suckage and I think there should be equal time given to the sucky moments as well as the wondrous moments because when I look back I do not want to be deluded into thinking that all was PERFECT as that is just BS. Boy, I am Bad Mood Betty today!! Also, holy run on sentence (follow by a bad fragment - HA MAD SKILZ!) With that said, I digress...

These pictures are actually in reverse order. Why do they set the photos up this way on Blogger?! GAH... who has time to reverse them OR remember to put them on in reverse order... stoopid blogger!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

How DORKY is my outfit?! I am such a mom!? When on earth did that happen!? Also, Matthew in AWE of the Mouse and the Mouse's GF (Wife? What is Minnie anyway?!)

Tiger Boy Was in LOVE with his image

This LOVE lasted about an hour before he started wiping it away!

He had a ball getting done so it was worth the money!

Cutie Pants Tiger!

In the beginning, there was just a boy and some base white paint!

Tea Cups!

ROAR!! Wild Animals.

The Carousel - he did NOT want a horse - he wanted to sit and watch the horses go around!

Marisa and I on Dumbo Ride #2 - Weeeeeeeee
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