Monday, February 2, 2009

Perfect Storm of Hellishness

We celebrated Marisa's 1/2 year Birthday by singing her happy 1/2 year birthday complete with candle and glazed blueberry muffin from Kroger. Marisa did not get any muffin or even to blow out the candle. In fact, I think she thought we were a bit kooky for singing to her with a lit candle stuck in a muffin but eh when you are six months not much matters...

We had a long weekend. Santana managed to some how break off a nail AGAIN. We think this happened either running on the ice OR fighting with Lucy OR doing both. His poor toe started bleeding like crazy and would not stop. We also learned that in our charming little town that vets do not (a) want new patients to be emergency patients and (b) our vet sends their emergency patients almost an hour away to be seen... I have been saying we need a new vet closer to our house but now I need to consider whether the vet has emergency hours. Poor little dog had to deal with Kevin and I gauzing and wrapping and taping his foot all to no avail. We finally got him to the vet today. He is on medicine and seems to be happier that we are not in charge of the "healing" any more.

My nerves have been shot. I am beyond exhausted. I am not sure if this is true for other people but sleep deprivation is like nails on a chalk board. I feel like my nerves are rubbed raw and I cannot handle the simplest things. I am already not so great in stressful situations but add lack of sleep to a stressful situation and you are asking for a recipe for disaster. I wanted to throw in the proverbial parenting towel by the end of the weekend.

Marisa is not sleeping well and I am sure there are various reasons why. I am just not entirely privy to WHY. With Matthew we waited until he was closer to 8 months old to feed him solids. He never slept well anyway so I was just used to being sleep deprived and let's face it that was almost four years ago meaning I was four years younger. I can hear Marisa's little tummy growling when she wakes up and she is ready to fill up again. EVERY two hours SO we might need to rethink the whole waiting until eight months to eat solids thing. Of course, she could be teething or spurting which is apt to happen at this age. says she is ready... I have a feeling upon our return from our vacation next week we will give in and try some yummy rice cereal to see if that aids in the sleep cycle a bit.

Matthew has been grouchy and this weekend was no exception. Likely because he thinks it is way cool to go to bed really late and get up at the butt crack of dawn. I feel for the kid because HEY that is my life but he is THREE. SLEEP KID SLEEP.

Needless to say these three incidents led up to the perfect storm of hellishness by Sunday. What did Kevin and I do make ourselves feel better? Ate Cookie Dough ice cream and chips and dip while watching the Super Bowl. (How about that Super Bowl by the by?! It was the best game I have watched in years and I am glad I stayed up to see it till the end!)

(Marisa says 'seriously it was a long weekend, y'all!')
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