Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thunder Thighs!

Marisa FINALLY had her six month appointment today. We are a bit behind on everything. We just got her four month shots like ahhhhh two weeks ago. The six month shots are sceduled for two weeks from now. We are ON IT!

Any who, the appointment was quick and painless. Dr. F said she looks dandy and gave her a clean bill o health. In short, Marisa is a big ole healthy bebe. She weighed in at 19 lbs 8 ounces. She is 27-1/2 (ish) in length. That means (drum roll please) she is in the 97th and above percentile on that freaky little chart. Also, according to their scientific (ha) chart where you circle yes or no she is 9 months and three weeks old. How advanced of her.

The girl is ready to walk and I fear that crawling will be occur (my prediction) by the end of next week. We are NOT prepared for this. Like we do not even have baby gates yet. Or drawers battened down or OMG a baby that is moving... HALP!

And really I mean she was just born YESTERDAY, right?! HALP!

And yes yes she does have thunder thighs and cheeks that go for miles. And she LOVES people and smiles and giggles and flirts and talks and blows raspberries like it is her job and she is being paid a million dollars to make some good loud raspberries (and why it that when she does it no one looks until after and then I have to look at the baby and point and say OH it was the baby like I just walk around blowing raspberries?! Well I kind of do because it makes her smile and laugh... Oy what a terrible cycle.)

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