Friday, February 20, 2009

Timing Keeps On Slipping Into The Future...

I always mean to write down the little things that happen in our lives, the cute and some times NOT so cute things the kids do but I always forget. I own approximately nine different BLANK journals where I could do this writing but I just do not do it. I do not even jot these things down on scraps of paper and I often wish I did. I am going to try to write little things here so I can remember things 'cause let's face it y'all ma memory is not getting better as I get older!

As an aside, we closed on our house this afternoon. We are proud owners of our house, again. I am so proud of us for getting our shit together enough to do this but mostly for Kevin for getting his shit together for doing this because yo I did nothing but sign a kajillion papers. The funny thing about going to the title company today - it reminded me how scared shitless I was when we closed on our first house. I had no clue what I was doing or getting into. This time I was like oh yeah there is going to 500 pieces of paper and a pen and be sure to go potty before I start and definitely accept the free bottle of water and DO NOT FORGET the check book. Any who, it is great to be done with it and we are SO saving a crap load of moola by having refinanced. ROCK ON!

While we were in Florida, after a long day of playing in Disney World, Matthew flopped on the bed like a 14 year old and said "ahhhh I am SO weary." What three year old says that?

Matthew has two on again off again imaginary friends. One is a green mamba snake and the other is black mamba snake. Some times we look over at him and he will be clutching the two snakes, one in each hand. He totally talks about them like they are his best friends and they generally only come out when he needs some protection from something that is scaring him.

Marisa has taken to shrieking like a banshee and it is hysterical. Marisa will shriek and then Matthew will talk to her and she will look at him quizzically then scream. They will go back and forth like this forever having this whole "conversation".

Marisa likes to feed herself already. She just grabs the spoon and slurps the rice spit up!

I think Marisa is getting four teeth at once. I will let you know how that goes.

Matthew is hugely into guns right now. This freaks me out exponentially even though I know it is natural and kids (boys) that have never seen a gun before ever will play this way. It freaks me out none the less...

Marisa does not want to learn to crawl, the girl wants to walk - her general level of pissed offedness over the fact that we will not let her learn to walk before she crawls is quite funny. She beams when she stands up and will do everything she can to get every one's attention in a room as if to say 'LOOK at me, HA I am standing'. She will crawl before she walks. Even if she only crawls for one day!

Matthew has been talking like a baby and throwing baby like fits. We believe that Marisa is likely getting a bit more attention due to the aforementioned crawl/walk/teething thing and it is making Matthew very unhappy. Additionally, Marisa has suddenly become very interested in Matthew's toys and he is none to pleased about this. It appears we have reached a point where we may stop seeing the non-stop brotherly love fest SOON. I fear this.
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