Friday, February 13, 2009

To Solid or Not To Solid - That is the question.

I am at an impasse in my mind. At our six month doctor's visit, Dr. F asked if Marisa was eating solids yet. I said tentatively "noooooo butweplantostartsoon..." Just like that. She smiled, looked me right in the eye and told me that really there is no hurry to feed her solids*. She is chubby and healthy and solids will not change her weight gain (THANK GOD!) and they will not improve her sleep patterns (which coincides with the research I was desperately doing before we left for Walt Disney World.) We did not feed Matthew solids until he was closer to eight months though Kevin says he thinks it was more like nine months. Like Matthew, Marisa is interested in food and what we do at the table but she is not mad that she cannot eat. In fact, she is really only mad when we drink out of bottles because she is all "HEY that is a bottle MY bottle GIMME!" She can do all the things that a baby should be able to do when it comes to eating readiness. For the love of GAWD after all she is NINE months and three weeks according to those lame-o circle charts from the doctor's office.

We have already bought the same organic uber rice cereal that costs too much and looks like spit when mixed with breast milk that we did for Matthew. It taunts me from the pantry. To feed her or not to feed her.

For a few days a couple of weeks ago, when I got her in the middle of the night, her tummy would growl but I mean come on it was 4:00am. Even if I fed her Rice Spit she would still be hungry by 4:00a!!! She has been co-sleeping for a couple of weeks because quite frankly she sleeps better with us and OMG I can feed her in like 12 seconds and my feet stay toasty warm but the tummy growling has stopped. I suspect she was growing because she got on this nurse every 2 hour kick for a few days but that has stopped again.

I am just undecided. I will likely hold off on feeding her solids tentatively since I was not scoffed at by Dr. F for NOT feeding her solids yet and was encouraged to wait as there is no hurry. I know Matthew was fine so I am not sure why I am SO hung up on this decision with Marisa...

* Perhaps you are asking yourself WHY not feed her solids? Why are you SO hung up on this? There are several reasons WHY I am not ready to feed solids. First we did not feed Matthew solids for a while and he was fine. He ate everything in sight once we started and he was okay. He and Marisa are on the exact same weight/height trajectory so why change what is working! Secondly, I like to nurse. There I said it. I love nursing. I may bitch about exhaustion but I am not ready to end being the sole provider for Marisa. I plan to nurse as long as I can with Marisa just like I did with Matthew. By far the biggest reason for not doing solids right away - I freaking hate to lug around FOOD for a baby when dude I have it right there like in MA BOOB! Pure unadulterated LAZINESS people. I am fucking lazy. I can nurse anywhere any time without dragging out a bottle of breast milk and a container of rice flakes**. I love that!

**Has anyone ever made their own rice cereal? The flakes of rice cereal remind me of fish food which is kind of EWWW. If you have made rice cereal, let me know the recipe or where I can find a recipe. I might have to try it!!

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