Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where Do Dreams Come True?!

Yeah Walt Disney World!!!

Day 1 and 2 at Walt Disney World:

On The Plane Going to WALT DISNEY WORLD or how to entertain a three year old while on the plane!

Lego Land - Matthew LOVED this place so much we went back again and that was all he talked about!

Chewing Upon a Star - Who needs to wish?

This is the only CUTE photo we got of either kid... Marisa just did not care and Matthew cared TOO much.

This photo kind of sums up Matthew's experience at the Princess breakfast... no comment.

Dumbo Ride #1 - Matthew sobbed when we left WDW that he was sad to be leaving the Dumbbbbooo ride.

Buzz Light Year - the only reason Matthew was okay to see BLY was because Lily was with him.

Kevin and Matthew in front of the castle before the parade. Matthew has taken to looking away every time the camera is around. IT TOTALLY ROCKS...

On the other hand, Marisa gets set out in the middle of the parade oblivious to nearly being stepped on... OH and I totally did not get the ENTIRE castle in. WTH?! Just because some dancer nearly stepped on her head?! How unacceptable!

Matthew watching the show - this is the best shot I got him because he was (a) not paying attention and (b) I put the camera over in front of him and just took a chance. I think it turned out pretty well!

Look forward to more tomorrow :)
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