Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday BOY!

Happy Birthday Kevin - We hope going out to play GOLF is all that you dreamed about and more (especially since it has been almost TWO years since the last time you were out there.)

Hang in there. I know things are difficult right now. Things will be okay and life will be as it should be...

Daddy and Marisa celebrating Kevin's birthday on Saturday Evening

As you can see I could not get everyone to look at the camera at one time...

This was AFTER the birthday singing - Matthew helped to blow out the candles as usual AND started licking the candles before I could get the camera to take a photo.

I love you Kev!

On a side note, we had a great weekend despite the rain. We were going to have Ashley come over to look after the kids so we could go to the carpet store (aren't we supremely romantic?) but Ashley was sick so we reconfigured out weekend. We ended up doing a lot of dividing and conquering.

* I finally was able to get some of Matthew's birthday gifts and some Easter stuff.
* Matthew has swim class and pseudo jumped in (okay he got of the pool and then sat on his bum and slid into the water)
* We watched videos of Matthew's 1st year - SO MUCH FUN!!! (No, I will not make any of you watch them if you come to my house!)
* We hit Target, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.
* We ate out at Cracker Barrel and the boys had Subway.
* The boys went to the bank to deposit escrow!! and Federal returns!!!
* We ALL slept in both days until 7:00AM
* We had a work/family party on Friday night at Deer Park which is beautiful!
* We played like fiends throughout the house - we painted! we made construction sites! we did sticker books! And much more!
* I made a boat load of baby food including sweet potatoes, green beans and apples in addition to the carrots and winter squash. I love making baby food - if I thought I could turn a profit I would make a business out of it! I LOVE IT THAT MUCH! See Marisa's loot below!

Matthew feeding Marisa - He LOVES to do this though we do assist. Sometimes he does not get just a little bit on the spoon and no jamming. I think he just gets bored and wants to make it go faster. She thinks it is amusing to have Matthew feed her.

Hope your weekend was as charming as mine!
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