Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clothing Issues ALREADY?!

I keep thinking of a million posts to write but it seems the past month or two I have had no time to do... well, anything constructive really. I guess I have time in some ways but it is like each action creates a million other actions and things just spiral out of control and I am left staring into space, drooling on myself while watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother praying the baby will stop crying...

I am just saying I am tired and not just because my wee babies keep me up half the night or from the stomach flu that kicked my arse last week. For real though, my house is UGH. Mostly it is our bathroom that has not seen a cleaning product in many many weeks (TMI?). Well that is sort of a lie - I did clean the toilet area after the above mentioned flu issue from last week - I have standards people! I am not THAT gross. I know this tiredness/too much stuff on my plate to get anything done shall pass so I am not going to spend much longer on these issues though I cannot promise that it will not come up again. I mean they will go away but certainly not tomorrow or anything soon like that!

Mostly I wanted to tell you that we spent a crap load 'O moola at the outlets two weeks ago on Marisa and her spring/summer clothing needs. Size 12 months right? I mean she will be entering month 8 next week so why not be in 12 month clothing, you know? I also went to Old Navy the weekend before and bought some other stuff for her, also sized 12 months. Do you know where this is leading? Anyone?

She needs to be in 18 month clothing already... It may be a top only issue, but I am getting these sense it may be an over all clothing issue. I need to determine this. The 12 months pants are TOO long but they are TIGHT in the waist which is fine. I mean she is 8 months old - it is not Stacy and Clinton are going to swoop in on her and say 'Oh no, not the tight waisted pants on the 8 month old!"

I am holding out hope that I can at least get Marisa into all those cute freakin' shorts I bought... And that little yellow flowery summer romper thing!? It will kill me if she cannot wear that. SO SO SO SO CUTE! Right now as far as I can tell the sleepers and shirts/onsies are basically "trash". The sleepers are too tight and the shirts all ride up exposing nummy tummy and are too tight in that uncomfortable too tight looking way. CRAP.
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