Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day Light Teething

Can you believe that we will have Day Light Savings this weekend? I cannot. I am kind of excited for the extra light - maybe I can actually really try to lose some weight by getting out to exercise! I am not excited about trying to get the kiddies to sleep in the blinding sunlight but still it just means Spring is that much closer. Then again I lose a flippin' hour of sleep that I surely could use at this point in my life.

Speaking of spring, it has been pretty great weather around here. I know it is silly to get all giddy about it because there is always just one more storm in March. As I have been told it generally happens around St. Patty's Day. Maybe this year it won't happen?!

How about that stock market by the way? I just think it is going for that retro look.

AND Marisa CUT a tooth! Yes, a wee baby tooth is poking through, bottom left center if you are facing Marisa. So crazy. I am calling that she cut it today because I checked it when I was home with her on Tuesday and she did NOT have one that day so it was either yesterday or today. This could partially explain the "painful" sleep schedule we have been keeping. We also think she is struggling with pooping and gas from the solids.

OH and today while Kevin and I were slogging our way through the training on our new database at work Ashley told us that she just pulled up to standing using a thin little pillow and just stood there, not knowing what to do... She has been pulling up and standing with a lot of help from us at the table or the couch.

I guess it is getting to be spring... my little baby is flowering into a big girl!
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