Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wear my swim goggles at night...

Matthew is taking swim class again. We have gone back and forth about having Matthew taking swim classes. He has done them off and on since he was just over 6 months old. Our recent trip to Florida cemented the idea that he NEEDS to know how to swim. Matthew went down the slide at the pool and essentially sank like stone at the bottom of the slide. Promting Kevin to almost have a heart attack - I was not there but I imagine I too would have freaked. Yipes. See also good parenting skilz.

He seems to enjoy himself and no one is making him jump so he is all good. Any who, randomly he actually let me go with him this past Saturday. I am basically on Matthew's shit list. He only wants to hang with Daddy and I am really only good for... well nothing. He does not even want me to wipe his bum for him any more! Not bitter about most things (especially not the bum thing!)

It has been a long old time since I have been to swim class so I grabbed my camera. Generally Matthew has decided the camera is the devil's spawn and won't let me take photos of him. Of course he noticed the camera the minute I pulled it out but rather then howling at me about it he was sort of distracted by it. He kept calling to me "take a picture Mommy" and giving me this big cheesy grin. He did manage to try to learn to swim and I got some fun "action" shots of Matthew. Also, I realized how much more fun swim class is now that I do NOT have to get in the pool with a squirmy baby/toddler!

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